Reasons Why You Can’t Change Cooktop Burner Temperature

June 17, 2022

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Nowadays, you can find different ways to cook food using the different cooking appliances available. Each appliance brand makes quality and durable appliances with different features, types, and styles. Finding their advantages will help you choose which appliance would suit your needs or preferences, such as Induction vs Electric Cooktops.

Even a high-end appliance like Wolf can still be prone to some issues affecting how it works. There are different reasons why it doesn’t work, and this can be due to some of its parts being already defective or reaching the end of their lifespan. Another factor is the poor maintenance of the appliance. When this happens, immediately call for a “cooktop repair near meto ensure that it is handled properly and correctly.

Wolf Appliance Repair Professionals in Hermosa Beach is one of the trusted repair service companies that have been providing quality repair services for many years. We have licensed and expertly trained repair technicians equipped with the tools and equipment for the repair. Diagnosis will be made to help identify what causes the issue and find and apply the best solution.

When you use your cooktop, you can adjust the temperature or heat to ensure that you will not burn the food you are cooking. The cooktop should be able to maintain the set temperature, and it must be able to heat up quickly and allow you to regulate the temperature as needed. But, when it won’t allow you to modify the cooktop’s heat, the issue could be due to the burner control, wiring, or the heating element. When this happens, it is best to call Wolf Appliance Repair Professional for same-day inspection and repair service.

Check the Regulator

The temperature or heat can be adjusted with the help of the regulator. This regulator can be considered a switch. However, there may be a control panel with touch sensors. There may be a combination of these access points. Regarding how you change the temperature, a thermostat and a sensor will do the job. But, if the regulator cannot trigger the sensor and the thermostat, you will not be able to change the temperature. 

Defective Circuit

Aside from the defective controls and regulator, there may also be a defect in the circuit. It is also possible that the circuitry can be broken,

Broken Heating Element

You may have a cooktop with an old burner or contemporary coils as the heating elements. Any type of heating element can also malfunction. It may or may not completely break down. Instead, it is possible to have a connectivity issue.


It is best to let the experts have it checked whenever you notice that you are unable to adjust the temperature of the cooktop burners. Contact Wolf Appliance Repair Professionals to schedule an appointment for the repair at your convenience.