Why Does Wolf Burner Keeps Clicking

May 17, 2022

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You can find a lot of cooking appliances of different types, designs and features to ensure proper and efficient cooking. With different appliance brands like Wolf, they are known for producing top-of-the-line kitchen appliances for cooking. But, even a high-end appliance can still be prone to some issues which can affect its performance. There are some instances that it might need an expert Wolf Appliance Repair to ensure that issues are addressed properly and correctly.

Some of the issues with the Wolf appliance can be due to its parts such as the Range control board. Each of the parts and components of the appliance is important to be able to effectively work. There are some problems that can be fixed easily by doing proper maintenance to it. If it needs a professional to check and fix the problem, Wolf Appliance Repair Professional in Palmdale is always here and available to help you.

Throughout the lifespan of the appliance, you might notice that the Wolf burner keeps on clicking. This situation can be quite annoying but it is better not to leave it as it is because it might complicate the situation or lead to other problems with the appliance.  The situation usually happens with stoves that have a spark ignition system. The most important thing to learn is that clicking a stove is not dangerous but must deal with the problem promptly.

The normal igniter clicks up to three times before it will spark and lights the stove. There are times however that the igniter will continuously click even after the stove is already lit. Here are the possible reasons that cause the problem.

Problem with the Burner

Many burner issues may cause the clicking including the poor alignment, dirt, and moisture in the burner cap. This can be fixed by making sure that the burner cap is aligned. Make sure that the cap is correct and that there are no moisture problems.

Problem with the Spark Ignition Switch

The spark switch initiates the ignition by sending an electric current to the spark module. There are some instances that the switch may get shorted due to moisture, electricity upsurge, or other different reasons. A damaged ignition switch can start to send a continuous current to the spark mobile which causes continuous clicking.

If you still hear the clicking of your Wolf appliance, this leads to replacing the other parts such as the spark module, spark ignition switch, or igniter. If this will be the case, you will need to have compatible replacement parts or certified ones to ensure that it fixes the appliance and won’t cause any other issues with your Wolf unit. However, the most efficient way to fix the problem is to call a professional repair service who has the experience and skills in handling such repairs.


If you happen to encounter any problem with your Wolf appliance such as clicking despite troubleshooting it, call Wolf Appliance Repair Professionals to schedule an appointment for the repair.