Why Your Wolf Convection Oven Timer Is Not Working Properly

April 1, 2022

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A Wolf built-in oven is one of the most in-demand appliances today. But, people are scared to use such appliances because they are expensive, and getting a Wolf single built-in oven repair from San Jose Wolf Appliance Repair Professionals can also be expensive. But that’s not the case. Working on a faulty appliance can be stressful, especially when doing it alone.

Suppose you want to learn how you can fix your Wolf built-in oven timer without needing San Jose Wolf appliance repair professionals. In that case, you can follow the steps we provided below. But, if there is still a problem even when you’ve done everything, it’s time to hire San Jose Wolf appliance repair expert professionals.

So, how can you tell that your convection oven is not working, and how can you fix it? First, identify what’s wrong with your appliance. If it’s the timer, here is what you can do:

1. Turn off the breaker.

When you need to reset your oven to get your timer to work again. Once the breaker is turned off. Let it stay that way for a few seconds.

2. Wait for 30 seconds to a minute. 

You’ll need to wait for at least 30 seconds to a minute to ensure that your breaker properly resets.

3. Turn on the breaker again. 

After a minute, you can turn on your breaker again.

4. Try turning the timer again.

Try to turn on your oven and timer to see if you correctly switched the breaker on. If so, your timer would be working again.

If this works, you can continue using your oven without a problem. But, if this doesn’t work and your timer isn’t working, one of the following issues may be the problem:

1. You did not set the timer correctly.

If the timer is not working, you may have set it up incorrectly. Ensure you are doing it properly by reading the user manual that came with the unit. You’ll learn how to use the timer to time correctly, and your food won’t be undercooked or burnt.

2. The thermostat is malfunctioning. 

Some timers depend on the temperature to know when to alarm. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it won’t detect the right temperature. Ensure that your thermostat is working so your timer will work properly.

3. The selector switch is damaged. 

A selector switch is the one that controls the circuits by rotating the handle of the switch. If the selector switch is damaged, there may be no power on the oven, and the timer won’t function properly. Ensure that your selector switch is at the right spot to prevent any other problems.

If your timer is still not working even after checking everything mentioned above, it’s time to call a professional to replace it.

What is The Best Wolf Convection Oven Today?

Wolf has a wide range of ovens to choose from; all are built to withstand time’s test. But one collection stands out from the crowd. The E series built-in ovens are some of the most recognized Wolf appliances today. So, what makes them so special?

1. Even heating at all times.

If you want perfectly cooked food, then the Wolf series is the best choice. The oven heats evenly, ensuring that your food receives equal heat everywhere. This leaves your food cooked to perfection.

2. The newest standard in oven features is found in the E series.

The E series has set the standard for making modern ovens. 

The E series has features that let you prepare ahead and have a perfectly cooked meal just in time.

Temperature probes at the most important oven areas are available, ensuring that every side of the food inside is heated and cooked.

3. You can stack them together to have beautifully-placed Wolf appliances in the kitchen.

You can create a masterpiece in your kitchen by arranging your Wolf E series units together. The big glass doors and lights are perfect for checking the food inside. The simple yet sleek design adds a modern touch to your kitchen.

4. The best appliances for space-saving. 

Stacking them on top of each other or sitting side by side is not a problem. The E series is built for smaller kitchens but has big features and performance you can’t say no to.

We know Wolf appliances are quite pricey but don’t worry. When you invest in one, always have time to check up on them and clean them to avoid damages. You’re good to go when you take the time to care for your appliances.


At Wolf Appliance Repair Professionals, we will take care of your appliances the right way. You won’t need to worry because only professionals are handling your units. So, give us a call today!